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The Novelty of Having a Plan 

Source: The Novelty of Having a Plan 


Chance – A Moral Dilemma

the Alexicat

morals of dating new tv series chance

  1. You find £100,000 in cash in a bag on an empty street in the middle of the day. Do you:
  2. a)    Hand the money over to the police
  3. b)    Take £50,000 of the cash for yourself and give the rest to charity
  4. c)     Keep £70,000 of the cash for yourself and hand the remaining money to the police station
  5. d)    Keep all of the cash for yourself and never tell anyone

Introducing Chance –  a new psychological thriller. Starring? Your morals.

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Pit & Pendulum

Another location for the Nottingham to do list!


pit notts 1

If you’ve ever fancied consuming a mouth-watering bowl of nachos beneath a medieval chandelier, or sipping on a cocktail named after one of the seven deadly sins, Nottingham’s own dungeon-style pub Pit & Pendulum is the haunt for you. One of four UK establishments owned by the Eerie Pub Co., this gothic tavern is filled with macabre delights to tantalise your eyes as well as your taste-buds. Descend the dark wooden staircase to the underground floor and find yourself some privacy in one of the hollowed stone nooks. There, you can recline in ornately-carved wooden chairs around tables that wouldn’t look out of place in Camelot.

Decorated with antique medical equipment in glass cases and an array of spooky skeletons lurking in dark corners, you will be surprised at how warm and welcoming the atmosphere actually is once you go up to the bar to order. The staff are…

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Are South American footballers the best?

An excellent article on the impact of South American players on the English Premier League.


Different. Definitely different. Sometimes different can mean better. And in this case I have to agree.

When Alexis Sanchez is dispossessed in the final third his attitude is very different to what we are used to seeing in English football. The same goes for Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero and as of last season Luis Suarez. When they lose the ball they do not throw their arms up in disbelief or stand there looking at the sky nor do they look to the bench and they certainly do not look to other teammates for help. They chase, they graft, they work and they do not stop.

Because when Alexis Sanchez or Angel Di Maria loses the ball when they are 3-0 up, unlike many others they chase after it as if their life depends on it.

The harsh truth is that not very long ago their life did depend on…

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The attainment of inner peace…


Daily struggles passing by.
Another day to live as I.
What could make a life worth living?
What do I seek that may satisfy?
Inner peace, tranquility,
A chance to free my mind of worries.
I seek what I shall never have.
A life of freedom,
A liberation.
One day, perhaps,
I’ll find the path,
To free my mind,
from earthly needs.
Until that day my struggles follow,
From waking hour till final wink.

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